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Annual report reveals growth

By Harry Ransom Center

The Ransom Center is pleased to share its annual report covering the 2014­­­­­­­­­­­­­–2015 academic year. Ransom Center Director Stephen Enniss notes that “The Ransom Center reached new records in numerous categories, including the number of visitors to our exhibitions, the numbers of students we served, and the number of onsite researchers we supported.”


Read the report to learn about the banner year of growth, including additions to the Center’s collections.


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Celebrating the reissue of Adrienne Kennedy’s memoir

By Eric Colleary

The Harry Ransom Center celebrates the reissue of Adrienne Kennedy’s groundbreaking memoir People Who Led to My Plays from Theatre Communications Group. First published in 1987 as a response to the frequently asked question of what inspirations have influenced her work, Kennedy recorded brief, fragmentary memories covering 1936–1961. A deeply influential and radically innovative kind of memoir, novelist Ishmael Reed called these glimpses into her life “a new form of black autobiography.” Read more