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Book giveaway on April 14 at 6:30 p.m. at Central Market

By Alicia Dietrich

Cover of 'Consider the Lobster' by David Foster Wallace
Cover of 'Consider the Lobster' by David Foster Wallace

Starting at 6:30 p.m. on April 14, the Ransom Center is distributing free copies of David Foster Wallace’s book Consider the Lobster and other titles by Culture Unbound exhibition authors. Check in with us upstairs at Central Market (40th and Lamar) to receive your book and a food sample from the Cooking School chefs.


Nicole Hughes


I am a Spanish Literature student at The University of Edinburgh and am absolutely amazed by The University of Texas at Austin’s David Foster Wallace Archive. I have become a fan of his works over the years and would like to consider the Harry Ransom Center the current Mecca of DFW’s handwritten manuscripts and overall works. For this, in order to complete my personal study of the artist’s works, a visit will eventually be in order. Until then, I simply wanted to praise The University of Texas at Austin for their investment in DFW’s works and their enthusiasm for sharing his works with their students. Book giveaways are an absolutely brilliant way to familiarize students with modern authors and to put physical books back in their hands.

In regards to my previous statement, I have two questions. Can students not enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin be considered for future giveaways? And, will “Infinite Jest” and/or “The Pale King” ever be considered for a future DFW book giveway?

Apart from this, I have a few more inquiries. Will there be any upcoming readings of his works? Are there any summer seminars on DFW and/or his works?

Thank you,
Nicole Hughes

Alicia Dietrich

The Ransom Center doesn’t currently have any plans to do book giveaways for fans outside of Austin, as the giveaways were intended to encourage local audiences to visit the current exhibition “Culture Unbound: Collecting in the Twenty-First Century,” which includes some materials from the Wallace archive.

There are no plans for future David Foster Wallace readings at this time, but you can keep an eye on future events by visiting our public programs page at or by signing up for our monthly email newsletter at

You may be interested to know that the Ransom Center hosted an evening of readings from Wallace’s works in fall 2010. This program can be viewed online at

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