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Update on the "Victorian Blood Book"

By Alicia Dietrich

This large, oblong decoupage book contains more than 40 collages consisting of carefully assembled engravings from books. The decoupage has been embellished with hand-colored drops of “blood” and handwritten religious commentaries. The emphasis throughout is on images of the Crucifixion, birds, and snakes, all dripping with blood.

The album, familiarly known to us as the “Victorian Blood Book,” has been an object of fascination, horror, and mystery since it arrived with the rest of the Evelyn Waugh library in 1967.

Associate Director and Hobby Foundation Librarian Richard Oram wrote an article about the book for a prior issue of eNews. Since then, he has unearthed some new information about the book’s origins, which he discusses in a new audio slideshow, where you can see slides of each page of the book.


Christine Read

John Bingley Garland’s second wife Frances Maria “Fanny” Read is our ancestor and our family has been researching our family tree for a number of years, I just listened to the audio slideshow and feel I may have some information on the family that might be useful in understanding JBG’s meaning in the Gift to his daughter Amy Lester Garland Pyper.
If you wish to contact me on the above email could you please write “John Bingley Garland” in subject as I receive a lot of junk mail and don’t open them unless I know who sent them

Ian Andrews

I am founder and current Chairman of the Wessex Newfoundland Society with close links with Trinity NL and had heard of the “Blood Book” now at Austin University, probably when it was first lodged there.

Are we sure it was the work of JB Garland – or was it his 2nd wife, your ancestor, given in the name of JBG in anticipation of Amy’s wedding. (in 1854/55?)

Any more details of Amy (Lester Garland) Pyper or Rev Richard Pryer welcome .
Don’t know hen Amy died and how book would get back to Lester Garland family. Was she childless?

Ian Andrews
Poole Dorset

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