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Ransom Center acquires additional Bernard Malamud materials

By Harry Ransom Center

The Harry Ransom Center recently acquired new materials related to writer Bernard Malamud. These materials, purchased from his daughter, Janna Malamud Smith, complement the existing Malamud archive at the Ransom Center, which comprises more than 37 boxes of correspondence and papers. The Ransom Center acquired the original collection in the late 1990s. Read more

Insider’s perspective: Artist Binh Danh

By Harry Ransom Center

The Ransom Center’s photography collection was pleased to acquire several pieces by emerging artist Binh Danh this past year.  Danh has pioneered a fascinating mode of printing directly on plant leaves through the natural process of photosynthesis.  By placing a negative in contact with a living leaf and then exposing it to sunlight for several weeks, the image literally becomes part of the leaf.  Danh then permanently “fixes” the image by casting it in resin.  He calls the finished piece a “cholorophyll print.”  These compelling objects appear very contemporary, but also harken back to the botanical photogenic drawings created by William Henry Fox Talbot at the dawn of photography. Read more